Kevin Parks & Vanessa Rossetto • Severe Liberties

Erstwhile Records ErstAEU 004 (order here)

dotolim • USB (farkakte guitar i)

dotolim seoul (order here)


Hong Chulki, Jin Sangtae, Kevin Parks ‎• 音影

Celadon Records (order here)

Kevin Parks & Alice Hui-Sheng Chang • Confessions of a Middle School Guidance Counselor

homophoni (homo045) (listen here)


Agents Against Agency DVD (with Pinkos)

EcoSono Agents Against Agency DVD (here)


Kevin Parks & Joe Foster • Acts Have Consequences

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Kevin Parks & Joe Foster • Prince Rupert Drops

Homophoni (homo035) listen here

Kevin Parks & Joe Foster • Ipsi Sibi Somnia Fingunt

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Pinko Communoids • Volume One

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MegaHz (w/ Pinkos)

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